Cleveland Browns Stadium



Cleveland Browns Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns, prioritizes the enjoyment of all guests by providing a variety of amenities that will allow for a positive gameday experience. 

Accessible Options

Accessible Seating

Guests who are in need of accessible seating are encouraged to contact the Ticket Office ahead of time at (440) 891-5050 or by email at and inquire about the availability of accessible seating.

ADA relocations are available on gameday at all guest services location on a limited basis and are not guaranteed. Relocations are done on the level your ticket was purchased.

ADA Pick Up & Drop Off

Pick up and drop off is located outside of the University Hospitals Gate, located on the Southeast corner of the stadium. To ensure the most convenient drop off and pickup procedure, please follow this route during gameday road closures.

In addition, for the most convenient route to the stadium during road closures, please take East 55th Street to North Marginal Road. Road closures on East 9th Street and West 3rd Street begin approximately 2 hours before game time and last up to 60 minutes after the game ends. Please display your reserved parking pass or handicap placard to the traffic officer to gain access to the stadium.


Elevators are available throughout the stadium. 

Hearing Impaired

We offer closed captioning services to guests who are hearing impaired. Continuous game action captioning is available on the stadium seating bowl corner ribbon boards.

Guests can access stadium captioning service on gameday using their mobile device

  1. Open the Internet Browser on your smart phone
  2. Type into the address bar
  3. Enter name (Browns) & Event ID (1913), then click join
    Service begins once the event starts on gameday

Lost & Found

Guests should turn in any found items or inquire about a lost item on gameday at any guest services location. Guests inquiring about lost items should submit a Lost and Found form. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to or by calling 440-824-6116 during business hours Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm. The Cleveland Browns are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Found items will be held for 30 days before discarding. Items found at previous events will not be available for pick up on event days.

Medical Exception Entrances

All gates are accessible for guests with disabilities. For additional assistance, the South 7UP City Club entrances are designated medical entrances. The South 7UP entrances are for all guests, but are staffed by knowledgeable security and medical personnel for the guests needing additional support getting into the stadium.

Nursing Rooms

Nursing rooms are available for nursing mothers, children with sensory needs, and guests for prayer space.

They can be found at the following sections 118, 349, and 514.


In compliance with the ADA, there are limited first-come, first-serve cash parking available directly north and west of the stadium. Please display your reserved parking pass or handicap placard to the traffic officer to gain access to these parking lots. ADA Parking is $50 cash only.

View ADA lots.

Sensory Accommodations

We offer comfort kits to guests with special sensory needs to make their stadium experience more enjoyable.

Comfort kits items include, but not limited to, noise cancelling headphones, sunglasses, hand fidget toys, weighted lap pad, etc. Items can be checked out, free of charge, from all guest services locations. A valid driver’s license or major credit card will need to be left as a deposit for the equipment.

Service Animals

Trained guide dogs or service animals assisting guests with disabilities are permitted inside the stadium. Guests must enter through either South 7UP City Club Entrances for Medical Exceptions.

Service Animals as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice are permitted inside the stadium. For more information, visit

Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair services can be requested at any guest services location. Any fan bringing their own wheelchair can check their chair at guest services at section 102. 

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